How are Traditional teachings passed on?

Our traditional Gitxsan teachings are passed on from our ancestors the people of The Sky Clan who through their wisdom, time and patience have held on to and passed on traditional knowledge through stories, songs and dances. These teachings have  been passed down through the generations since time immemorial, through our oral traditions (Adawaks), so that we would use them wisely and share them with our people, and yours. To read our traditional stories our former chief Ken Harris co-wrote a book called "The Visitors Who Never Left: The Origin of the People of Damelahamid "  from stories told to him by his mother Irene Harris who put them all on reel to reel tape to be transcribed.The teachings I will be sharing belong to The House of Haxbegwootxw of The Fireweed Clan, and are the inspiration for many of my designs. It is what we learn from these lessons that teaches us wisdom, builds our character and teaches us the true meaning of caring for one another.  As we are a matriarchical society our lineage and traditional teachings are passed down to our young people  from our maternal grandmother, aunties and uncles. I would like to thank my grandmother Lily Jackson for her undying devotion in continuing to teach us the oral traditions that were passed on to her. My aunties: Kathy Novack, Barb Frymire and Marlene Clifton and my uncles Robert Jackson, Vince Jackson, Arnold  Jackson, Aubrey Jackson and Jason Jackson for continung the legacy of patience and understanding. A special thanks to my uncle Vince Jackson who is the holder of the title Haxbegwootxw  our chief who has given me permission to share this knowledge with you.

I hope you enjoy this learning journey,

Sugiit Lukxs