This feature blanket "Grandfather Sun" was my first attempt at making a button blanket. At this point I did not know how to create a design.  I asked my uncle Gitxsan Artist Robert Jackson if I could use his sun design for my blanket, as I had had a dream about a woman riding on the back of a killer whale and the sun was shining down on her and smiling. My uncle told me the story about "Grandfather Sun" who watched over his people and then told me the story of the kidnapping of Gooch-nach-nes-emgit’s wife by Goe-smess-nech the White Killer Whale. Which was the inspiration for my next feature blanket.

“Grandfather Sun”

• Date: October 2001.

• Medium: Ultra-suede, conch shell buttons, on Melton cloth.

• Dimensions: 58” inches long by 45” wide.

• Blanket Design: Sun design by Robert Jackson.

• Blanket: Made and owned by Yolonda Skelton.

• Crest: Sun

• Story Origins:

• It is Grandfather Sun who is our father in Heaven. We are all Children of the Sun.