Dresses & Pants

Model above: Alana

In Empire waisted sable suede dress with an black on black Ultrasuede appliquéd Eagle design.

Photo Above: Max C Yeoh (VIFW 2017)

Model on right: Nikki Goodwill

Photos on Right: Ian Charleson

Model above: Trinity Summer

In Sleeveless Santin back Crepe Gown  with two UltrasuedeKiller Whales appliquéd on the bottom.

Photo: Daniel Mosquin (MOA 2017)

Black Winter Jersey Dress with Black on Black Ultrasuede Appliqué of two Raven Canoes.

Hand Painted Masks by Artist Erik Prytula

Model Above and Below: Sho Wilson (2017)

In a Hummingbird inspired two piece Halter Top and Pleated Chiffon Skirt with Red Ultrasuede Appliqué on Gold Linen. This dress was inspired for the World Fusion of Wearable Art Fashion Show  put on by Fashion Speaks International to honour the MMIW. 

Photos by: Chels: Life Photography

Crushed Sable Suede Collared Dress with an Ocelot print Ultrasuede and Thunderbird design  appliquéd on the collar.

Model above: Erika Trube

Photo Top: Max C Yeoh (VIFW 2017)

Photo Bottom: Big City Art (VIFW 2017)

Model to the Left: Trinity Summer

Photo: Daniel Mosquin (MOA 2017)


Model Above and Below: Willow Riley

Photo Above by: Max C Yeoh

In Chilkat inspired Crop Top with Armband Sleeves with Ultrasuede Appliqué with Beaver trim. Bottoms Chilkat inspired Pleated Chiffon Palazzo Pants with Ultrasuede Appliqué. 

Photo Below by: Peter Jensen